Taking You're RideFrom Mild to Wild

Speed cost money, so how fast do you want to go?

We take pride in our work, we do not cut corners or use cheap knock off parts. Customizing a vehicle can be pricey but can cost even more if not done properly. Safety is a big issue when customizing a vehicle. If the modification is not done properly not only can it cause costly damage to the vehicle but improper modifications can also render the vehicle unsafe and can lead to injury or death in the case of an accident. Let the professionals here at White Smoke Motorsports take care of all your customizing needs, we only use top quality parts and test every vehicle to ensure the work was done properly and the vehicles are safe for use on public roads.

Some modifications can render a vehicle for off road use only. These modifications are for vehicles that will only be operated on a race track. For more details on these types of modifications please call us or stop by the shop to speak with a performance specialist

Customizing Services

Bolt-on modifications are the most basic upgrades. Basic bolt ons require no major internal engine upgrades but can benefit from a properly built engine. Most common bolt on are induction system, exhaust system, turbo kits, supercharger kits, ignition upgrades, suspension, engine & transmission mounts, radiator, and much more... We offer a full line of bolt-on upgrades to meet your needs, just call or stop on by to see how we can help you.
Engine Internals, Transmission & Drivetrain

Upgrading the internals of an engine not only allows for more power before something breaks but it also allows the engine to be more reliable. Same goes for upgrading the internals on a transmission and the rest of the drivetrain. Some bolt ons will requires these types of upgrades.

Fabrication & Welding

We offer fabrication services for roll cages, crash bars, sub frame connectors, floor pans, firewalls, suspension, exhaust and more!


Exterior & Aero

Exterior styling is what gives your ride character. We have a full line of aero kits, hoods, fenders, spoilers, trunk/hatches, etc... We offer most of our exterior styling parts in carbon fiber and fiberglass. We can PlastiDip your vehicles but for now we are not offering full paint services yet.


Even with a complete built and tuned suspension setup a vehicle will only handle so well if the driver is not comfortable and held in place. That's were our racing seats and harnesses come in, on top of that we also sell other interior parts such as steering wheels, shift knobs and we even offer fire suppression systems for those who are building the serious race car.

Suspension and Brakes

Going fast goes hand in hand with stopping fast, that’s were upgrading the brakes are important. We offer brake rotor and pad upgrades as well as big brake kits. Upgrading and tuning your suspension is one of the most important thing on any vehicle. No matter if you are building a drag car, drift car, rally racing or road racing, the suspension must be able to plant that power down to the ground to make good use of it.

ICE (In-Car-Entertainment)

We can get you setup with a basic replacement head unit and speakers or can build a full in car entertainment system featuring subwoofers, amplifiers, crossovers, capacitors, speakers, TV screens, and even game systems. If you want it done, we can make it happen. We also offer both carpeted and custom fiberglass or carbon fiber sub/speaker boxes. Check out our catalog (CLICK HERE) and give us a call to place an order